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Change of emulsifier

At Green Wyse we do our utmost to keep up to date with constantly changing availability of ingredients, monitoring ethical conditions carefully. It came to our notice earlier this year that the emulsifier we had used for several years can no longer be guaranteed palm oil free (previously made with coconut oil and corn), suddenly being labelled as coconut or palm oil derived.

Obviously this was completely unacceptable, and so whilst our precious existing supply of coconut emulsifier dwindled we spent six months searching for, and trying out different emulsifiers which all met our ethical criteria;

No palm oil, vegan, not derived from petrochemicals, nothing synthetic, ethically and sustainably produced ..and also user friendly and good for the skin.

Many, many months, sleepless nights, a shelf full of failed experiments later (jars of separated creams, rock solid ‘creams’, sticky gloopy messes)…we finally found one that fulfilled all of the above, and also worked well, felt good on the skin and contributed to a healthy nourished skin.

We are happy to say that Simulgreen (scientific name Hydroxystearyl alcohol & hydroxystearyl glucoside – try saying that ten times!) is our beautiful new emulsifier, and we believe it creates even better quality creams, lotions and butters than before. We hope you like it.