Natural alternative to microbeads/plastic in facial scrubs

There’s nothing that brings a glow to your skin like a nice exfoliation session with your favourite facial scrub. But did you know that many scrubs contain microbeads made from fine particles of plastic (listed as polyethelene most commonly) which can be lethal to sea life when they are washed down the plughole and end up in our oceans. These minuscule dust like particles look like food and contribute to pollution of our precious wildlife. So ditch the synthetic ingredients […]

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Liquorice protects enamel

The exciting truth about Liquorice extracts helping to prevent tooth decay by antibacterial activity isn’t the whole story. Constituents in liquorice also influence the enamel of the teeth by reducing its softness. In other words, it assists the body in making your teeth surfaces harder. Don’t be fooled into thinking eating liquorice sweets will help though..these are usually high in sugar (increasing softness of enamel!) and contain very little actual liquorice.

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Calendula Hand & Body Lotion

  Calendula Hand & Body Lotion This deep moisturising cream will sooth and protect your hands & body. With Cocoa butter, Sweet almond, Wheatgerm oil and herbal extract of Calendula. Available in Lavender, Geranium, Lemongrass, English Bay or Unscented. Comes in a blue glass pump bottle. Size:200g Price£13.50

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